An incomplete list of items I expected to come with us from Iowa to Massachusetts, but didn’t because apparently “please put the boxes along the wall in the dining room up in the attic”actually means “everything probably went in the trash or Goodwill lol, stop asking about it,”and I’m still not over it.

Two Wreck This Journals,

Partially used, fully private;

A book I had planned to spend 2017

Using as a guideline for how to live

That would have been slightly less ridiculous

To put such energy into

Than a daily horoscope;

The base of a lava lamp, purple

(I could have sworn I saw it

In hastily tossed together

Odds and ends);

Our ‘good’ iPod docking station,

Good for showers, bad for interstate travel,


At least a couple of coloring books,

Some quite a bit more

Expensive and important

Than I care to admit;

The handful of DVD box sets

We painstakingly farmed out

From the giant stack of rarely-watchables

That found new homes on the shelves of Half Price Books,

Waiting for questing fingers

To pluck them from between alphabetized neighbors

And add them to their own

Overcrowded bookshelves;

Personally painted pottery;


A fitted sheet, to be sure,

The missing partner to its now-orphaned brother;

A time when our overpriced Blu-Ray player

Still worked.


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