Something there is that doesn’t love a wall, or things Donald Trump says that sound like my mom when I try to talk to her about anything these days, except it takes a lot less effort (maybe) to impeach your mother than it does a dictator.

It’s not
The same thing;
My mom isn’t
A billionaire,
And she isn’t
A racist,
But when Donald Trump says
He and his
White supremacist cronies
Should be
From questioning or criticism
Because “America isn’t
Innocent either,”
What I feel is
A frustratingly familiar
Pang of guiltlovefuryhopelessness,
Because “hey, I just want to know
Why my own brother
Wants nothing to do with me
You used to say
The most important thing in the world
Is to stay friends
With your family,
But Travis doesn’t even
Want to be my friend
On Facebook”
Should not be countered
At all,
And especially not
With “well,
You’re not so innocent,
Like that justifies anything
You might do or say
To me,
Like you’ve built a wall
Out of insecurities and
And tax me for the rare drops
Of parental affection
That trickle down,
Nestling themselves
In the cracks and chinks
So that I will stand and wait
For you to extend a hand
And pull me up and over
And into your arms.


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